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Ronaldo Figueira is a fintech visionary who harnesses his unique combination of streetwise business instincts and formal academic qualifications to break new ground in the exciting, unfolding world of virtual currencies.

As an entrepreneur, Ronaldo has co-founded Brown Toast (one of South Africa’s first cryptocurrency mining businesses, and more recently co-founded YOUHASH (Pty) Ltd, a market leading turnkey cryptocurrency mining business in South Africa.

A clear and quick thinker, Ronaldo stands out as a natural leader who balances responsibilities with being assertive, accountable and a strong negotiator.

As a co-founder of YOUHASH (Pty) Ltd, Ronaldo is key to the success and growth of the business through not just his technical grasp of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, but his infectious persona and innate ability to effectively share his knowledge with both colleagues and clients alike. 

Ronaldo graduated from the University of Johannesburg in 2015 with a B.Com Accounting Degree and was selected as a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society, an honour reserved for the top 15% of graduates.

Using his well-developed peoples skills, Ronaldo naturally gravitates towards sales and consulting, and is a stickler for research before meeting with clients.  Ronaldo lives by the maxim“real innovation occurs when we are staying one step ahead of our consumers’ needs, and five steps ahead of our competitors.”

A believer in simplicity above all else, Ronaldo builds meaningful and lasting relationships with suppliers and clients alike through delivering on his promises, and ensuring that all parties are winners every step of the way.





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Daniel Abreu is a talented, multi-faceted young entrepreneur and a founding Shareholder of YOUHASH (PTY) LTD.

Along with three other founding members of YOUHASH (PTY) LTD, Daniel started one of the first companies in South Africa to not only invest in blockchain technology, but also build state of the art mining farms for clients to host their cryptocurrency miners.  During this ground-breaking and exciting period he played an integral role in both sales and project management.

Daniel has developed deep technical expertise in the fledgling crypto mining hardware realm, and has put these skills to work by starting up and building from scratch complex crypto mining “farms”, the flagship being the rapidly growing YOUHASH (PTY) LTD Knightsbridge facility in South Africa.

Daniel comes from a creative background, specifically in fine photography and film work.   With formal photography qualifications, Daniel spent five years as a highly sought after photographer in Cape town as a contributor to numerous international publications such as Vogue and Elle, whilst working on three “A” list movies in the film industry. 

Over the past four years Daniel has been an active partner in an engineering firm where he has honed his entrepreneurial, people, and project management skills.  

 A hard worker that can not only envision a project but execute it with confidence.





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Ari Leibovitz is a self-motivated, innovative and successful entrepreneur, and is currently one of the founding Shareholders of YOUHASH (PTY) LTD.

YOUHASH specializes in providing turnkey cryptocurrency mining solutions for clients.  Currently in its infancy, YOUHASH hosts over 150 mines (with overall capacity of 1,000) at its bespoke Knightsbridge facility.

With a Bachelor’s Degree and a postgraduate diploma in Accounting Science in process, Ari delivers his particular passion for cryptocurrencies to both colleagues and clients alike.  Ari has previously co-founded another successful fintech start-up, Brown Toast, and his experience has certainly played an invaluable role in its success.  An exceptional, multifaceted business brain, Ari seamlessly brings together disciplined financial reporting, tax expertise, and rigid compliance to a start-up industry requiring true ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

Ari is passionate about growing any project and is an integral member of the YOUHASH team, one with a particular penchant for technology and investments.  Ari’s broad spectrum of knowledge in all spheres of fintech, coupled with his strong social skills, truly makes him a global thought leader.

With a knack for quickly understanding unique challenges particular to start-ups, Ari is indispensable to the team and relishes solving these issues daily.  His quick mind and ability to think on his feet whilst always retaining the bigger picture at hand, makes him a critical component to any fintech business or project.





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Ruan Cloete is a young entrepreneur and is currently one of the Shareholders of YOUHASH (PTY) LTD.


YOUHASH specializes in providing turnkey cryptocurrency mining solutions for clients. Currently in its infancy, YOUHASH hosts over 150 mines at its bespoke Knightsbridge facility.


In 2015 Ruan accepted a sports bursary offered by the University of Witwatersrand. Ruan is currently a semi professional athlete and is studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Witwatersrand where he is majoring in Clinical Psychology. Ruan completes his degree in Bachelor of Arts in 2018 where he will have an in depth knowledge in the field of Clinical Psychology as well as knowledge in Industrial Psychology.


In 2017 during the time of studying at the University of Witwatersrand Ruan facilitated individuals who were driven in block chain with facilities specialized in the hosting of block chain processors. Ruan facilitated these individuals, as he was equipped with the technical skills required in this field.


Prior to being offered a bursary at the University of Witwatersrand, Ruan worked from 2013 as an intern at Ubunye Site Services where he was equipped with a range of skills in project management, specializing in construction and site management.


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