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When Satoshi Nakamoto published his white paper, “Bitcoin:  A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” in 2008, it heralded a fundamental societal change in how we exchange and store value.
The world is now fast moving away from archaic infrastructure that serves only a fraction of the people.  The exciting age of blockchain technology and virtual currencies not only frees people from state control and centralised structures, but it introduces new levels of speed, security, privacy, and efficiency.
At YOU# we are excited about this unfolding financial revolution, and have built products and services that help people to learn, invest, mine, and trade in cryptocurrencies.


Made up of 4 individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, the YOU# team share a passion for the developing world of value exchange and store.

YOU# operates a number of specialty areas within fintech, namely:

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Knowledge is critical to the adoption of a new technology, and this exciting revolution in value exchange and store is no different. YOU# KNOW offers training for individuals and groups and has created sophisticated programs catering to all existing knowledge levels.  In addition, YOU# has built bespoke programs for the financial services industry and is able to train individuals and groups anywhere in the world.

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For individuals who need assistance with anything from setting up a mining operation, creating an online wallet, or simply wanting to book time with an expert to understand any aspect of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, or smart contracts, the YOU# CONSULT team is at your service.  Simply make contact with us either by mail or using the mobile numbers on the contact us page, and we will be delighted to assist you.

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The YOU# BALANCED 15 portfolio administered by BitFund allows individuals access to a wide array of cryptocurrencies on a platform that is secure, compliant, and cost effective.  Since launching, the portfolio has enjoyed significant inflows from around the world which attest to the value that it provides to clients.

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For individuals who are interested in cryptocurrency mining but just do not have the time, patience, and expertise to procure equipment, set up a mining operation, and manage it 24/7, there is YOU# MINE, a turnkey cryptocurrency mining solution for individuals.

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